Niva AI: Protect your brand and increase your social media ROI.
Improve your social media ROI, save time and protect your brand.
Protect your brand from negative comments
Niva AI is revolutionizing the way brands manage their social media presence. It uses AI to read comments in real-time and hide negative, spam, self-promotional, or inappropriate ones before your prospective customers see them. With Niva AI, you can be confident that your brand's social media presence is always positive and professional.
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Increase your social media ads ROI
Niva AI is proven to increase organic and paid social media ROI by 25%+, so you can expect to see better results from your campaigns. Spend less time managing and replying to ad comments.
Automate your social engagement
When a new comment gets posted on your social media, Niva AI reads it and generates a high-quality humanlike response in seconds. Save time and drive more revenue by engaging with more followers.
Setup in minutes
Niva AI is easy to set up, and you can get started in minutes. Connect your social media pages in a few clicks, and our AI will take over the rest.
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Fast and easy to use
Niva AI is faster than fast – it’s engineered for speed and makes it easy to manage any scale of social engagement.
Humanlike replies
Our powerful AI generates high-quality, humanlike replies to your social media comments in seconds to save you time.
Intelligent optimizations
Our machine learning models train on billions of data points and help increase revenue by engaging with your followers intelligently.
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How does Niva AI work?
Niva AI uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify and remove negative comments on your organic and paid social media posts. Our AI also replies to your comments with positive, helpful responses.
How much does Niva AI cost?
Your Niva AI cost is determined by your comment volume. To find a plan that works for you please book a demo and we will see if we are a good fit for your business.
How do I get started on Niva AI?
To get started with Niva AI, book a demo from our team of experts.
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I don’t have much time. Will Niva AI work for me?
Niva AI is designed to be low maintenance. Our software and team of experts will help you completely automate your social media engagement, so you can focus on driving your business forward.
Need more help?
If you have questions about getting started or technical support please email
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